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AddressMoscow-City, OKO Tower, 6th floor
Working hours: 10:00 pm–06:00 am Wednesday–Saturday
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Moscow-City, OKO Tower, 6th floor

About the Club

Matryoshka City Club is the first private immersive site-specific night club–theatre in Moscow-City. Beautiful people, incredible hospitality, stylish interior design, sensitive erotic performances, splendid diner, the highest level service, charming hostesses, refined wine list and delicious Chef’s meal collections. This is a feast of simple and honest communication when soul health becomes the new luxury symbol. Always superb, explicit and highly-artistic.

The guests of the Club are offered the highest standards of gastronomic and creative events with full confidentiality and safety. Consent is the golden rule of Matryoshka City night club. This means that we always ask before touching.

The Club has its dress code: elegant casual for men and cocktail dress for ladies.


Entrance for a Guest starts from 5000 rubles, allows you to spend a special evening in the Matryoshka City Club, includes entrance for 1 Person, the presence of a guest table and participation in an immersive show. Drinks and meals are paid separately upon arrival.

The event in Matryoshka City Club can be changed due to the epidemiological situation. The paid bookings will be moved to future events if the break is inevitable.


The most exclusive benefits of Matryoshka City Club come only with the yearly and/or partner membership.

Membership, cost and partnership are discussed face to face at Matryoshka City Club.

  • Entrance tickles are included in the price. Entrance is always guaranteed and reserved.
  • Booking of a table for 6 people is always guaranteed and reserved.
  • The membership card includes three visits with six guests.
  • Personal discount on the restaurant and bar menu.
  • Individual advanced service. Special VIP staff controls and ensures that the Club members have all priorities during the event.
  • Personal discount on the Club private parking area.
  • Personal discount on the apartments in the Club’s hotel following the incognito principle and including personal assistant committed to take care of the needs and comfort of our most respected guest, and personal discount on laundry and dry cleaning services.
  • Direct access to VIP concierge service for special arrangements and individual requests.
  • Personal discount on the Club’s transfer services.
  • Access to the Club’s security escort.
  • Access to adverts of and invitations to private events.

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I agree / disagree

Privacy and safety of Matryoshka City Club members is of paramount importance and all guests, members, artists and staff shall maintain confidentiality.

To order a private event at Matryoshka City Club you hereby agree to:

Refrain from disclosing identification information of any Matryoshka City Club member, artist or employee to mass media.

Refrain from making photos / videos of members, artists and staff of Matryoshka City Club.

Treat everyone with respect.

Ask before touching.

Notify the security service of Matryoshka City Club or staff any time you become aware of or have reasonable grounds for suspecting threat to security of or ability of giving consent by members, artists and staff of Matryoshka City Club.

You hereby acknowledge that any violation of this agreement will entail immediate termination of the event and removal of members, artists and staff of Matryoshka City Club without refund as well as permanent ban on visiting Matryoshka City Club in the future.

No refund is provided.

  • – No visit with body temperature 37С and/or ARVI symptoms
  • – Zoning
  • – Sanitary rule instructions at the entrance
  • – Social distance of 1.5 m
  • – Regular disinfection and hand washing
  • – Wearing of masks (change every 3 hours)
  • – Distance between work places of 1.5 m
  • – Temperature check at the entrance and ARVI symptom control
  • – Monitoring of compliance with sanitary code by the visitors and staff
Cleaning and disinfection
  • – Overall cleaning with disinfection before opening
  • – Wet cleaning and disinfection at least every three hours
  • – Air change every 2 hours
  • – Stock of disinfecting agent for 5 days


Address 21 1st Krasnogvardeisky Drive, bldg. 2, OKO tower, 6th floor
Working hours: 10:00 pm–06:00 am Wednesday–Saturday