ETIQUETTE - Matryoshka - стрип клуб
AddressMoscow-City, OKO Tower, 6th floor
Working hours: 10:00 pm–06:00 am Wednesday–Saturday
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Moscow-City, OKO Tower, 6th floor


Our guests are respected women and men with glamour who know own value and have a common feature – success. Each of them has reached the heights that not many can reach. They understand and appreciate the atmosphere of Matryoshka City Club. That is why they come to us. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and always ask before touching. Our guests expect such treatment and they treat others this way.

To maintain safe environment, all guests and members of the Club are asked to behave themselves and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Consent is the golden rule of Matryoshka City Cub: we always ask before touching. Anyone violating this rule shall be removed by the security service and banned from visiting the Club again. No refund is provided.

We expect distinguished personal dignity and genteel communication from all guest and members of the Club to maintain festive and comfortable atmosphere. Privacy and confidentiality are the top priorities of the Club. Nothing shall mar the moments of internal freedom and expression. Privacy is of utmost importance.

The Club has its dress code: elegant casual for men and cocktail dress for ladies. Non-compliance with the dress code will result in rejection of visiting the Club. No refund is provided.

Smoking in the Club is allowed in the special smoking area.

Making videos and photos at Matryoshka City Club is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule entails immediate removal from the Club. No refund is provided.

The Club shall not be liable for guest health and for personal belongings left unattended; the guests shall take care of their safety on their own.

Irreverent interruption or disturbance of the feast of other guests may entail removal from the Club. No refund is provided.


Address 21 1st Krasnogvardeisky Drive, bldg. 2, OKO tower, 6th floor
Working hours: 10:00 pm–06:00 am Wednesday–Saturday