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AddressMoscow-City, OKO Tower, 6th floor
Working hours: 10:00 pm–06:00 am Wednesday–Saturday
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Moscow-City, OKO Tower, 6th floor

Private Events

Intimate atmosphere, multimedia space along the entire perimeter, exclusive objets d’art, luxurious comfortable location and state-of-the-art capability – a unique combination to arrange private events: private shows, corporate events, presentations, jubilee parties, business meeting, social events.

In addition to our private events, the team of artists, creative and logistics specialists offers the services of arranging private events in the style of Matryoshka City at your locations: the highest level service, fine cuisine and catering, collectible wine lists, security, cleaning, confidentiality.

We also offer space design, objets d’art, decorations, light design, high-quality sound and top Moscow DJs, as well as stellar artists, aesthetics of erotic performances, stage performances of various genres. Our team is ready to discuss any subject.

To order a private event at your location a personal meeting with the customer at the Club is required.

Space design
  • Exclusive objets d'art
  • Light design and high quality sound
  • Best Moscow DJs
  • NUDE performances
  • Stage performances of various genres
  • The team is ready for communication
Perfect service
  • Collectible wine list
  • Fine cuisine and catering
  • Security, cleaning, confidentiality


I agree / disagree

Privacy and safety of Matryoshka City Club members is of paramount importance and all guests, members, artists and staff shall maintain confidentiality.

To order a private event at Matryoshka City Club you hereby agree to:

Refrain from disclosing identification information of any Matryoshka City Club member, artist or employee to mass media.

Refrain from making photos / videos of members, artists and staff of Matryoshka City Club.

Treat everyone with respect.

Ask before touching.

Notify the security service of Matryoshka City Club or staff any time you become aware of or have reasonable grounds for suspecting threat to security of or ability of giving consent by members, artists and staff of Matryoshka City Club.

You hereby acknowledge that any violation of this agreement will entail immediate termination of the event and removal of members, artists and staff of Matryoshka City Club without refund as well as permanent ban on visiting Matryoshka City Club in the future.

No refund is provided.


Address 21 1st Krasnogvardeisky Drive, bldg. 2, OKO tower, 6th floor
Working hours: 10:00 pm–06:00 am Wednesday–Saturday